Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Knitting again

I've started knitting again - hurray! I'm still quite a beginner, so every project I take on has some element of new learning in it. This time round I'm knitting a cardigan for my friend's new baby boy. It's in a lovely blue cashmerino aran yarn by Debbie Bliss. I'll post a photo when I've finished it.

The problem with knitting is that it makes me want to buy lots of yarn! Look at this beautiful yarn - aren't the colours amazing?

Yarn and Photo by yarnwench on Flickr


  1. I could just with room stacked with yarn just to look at! I fancy having one at home and I'd go and in there just to feel calm and cossetted by all that loveliness!

  2. Ooh, that yarn is gorgeous. Almost makes me want to start knitting... again! I will knit a scarf one day. I will!