Sunday, 4 July 2010


I'm loving the creativity of toddlerhood and I'm really starting to think about unschooling as an option for us, as I want to keep this exciting/excited way of learning and exploring for E.
Not sure I could cope with some of the negative reactions I know we'd get, but we'd find ways to cope with those over time I think.

I've been doing a lot of blog reading recently and am finding more and more wonderful blogs that show really creative families and people living outside of the more accepted ways of living. You might say outside of the 'system'. Travellers, unschoolers, anarchists, deworkers, idlers, crafters, bloggers.... Gives me inspiration to read such things.

(Photo by the brilliant Amanda Blake Soule of Soulemama)


  1. I researched homeschooling quite a bit too before my eldest went to school. Simply because our local school was so bad, there was no way I was going to let her set foot in it, luckily we moved before she started and my 2 girls currently go to a little village school which is great, but my research made me more aware of the law and that I don't have to agree with everything the school says and does, and I can do something about it if I want too.
    I recommend "Free range education" because its UK appropriate information.
    I don't think you should let anyone with negative reactions put you off. It's not their child, therefore not their decision, so none of their business quite frankly.
    I wish you the best of luck with whichever choice you make.

  2. Thanks Vicky - good to know I'm not the only person thinking down these lines. We too have a small-ish and, by all accounts, quite lovely village school nearby (we're in Hampshire, where are you?) so it's not too terrible... but I am enjoying finding about out options. It's funny that people don't know that they have choices.
    I'll have a look at Free Range Education - thanks!

  3. We're in Norfolk having moved from the West Midlands. We chose our area because it had a good school that does topic based learning, similar system to homeschooling, but it was worth reading up on the alternatives. Like I say, I now view school as somewhere I am allowing my children to go, not somewhere they have to go!(if that makes sense). I do envy people who homeschool, mainly for their patience! lol! x.

  4. Norfolk is a lovely part of the world

    Yes, after todays tantrums and tiredness, patience isn't one of my virtues!xx