Friday, 6 August 2010

Family holiday

E and I have had a lovely holiday, firstly at my cousin's wedding and then staying with my mum for a few days. Here are a few shots from our visit. E loves the park next to Grandma's house.

We liked poking about amongst the trees with sticks, and E did some adventurous climbing with Grandma!

We visited E's Great Great Auntie Marion, who is 92 years old. She is such a sweetheart - a real lovely kind lady. She's a very sociable person and though she can't get around much any more she's still as sharp as tack. E adores her!

We went for a walk down the pier at Southport - it was rather blustery!

We also saw E's cousin, Alex, and my sister, E's Auntie Abby. They are fun to be with!

We had such a lovely holiday and though we're glad to be back, we really miss everyone - especially Grandma... we hope to see her soon.


  1. Grandma misses you two too!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time. Lots of fab photos x

  3. Looks like you really enjoyed yourself. x.