Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Summer projects

I love to have fun projects for the summer and am feeling the need to make a list. Listmaking is also something I love to do! Above is a photo of me with E (busily munching on rice cakes!) and his super fun cousin, doing some drawing. This summer we've done lots of drawing - E drew a lovely spider this morning, which he was pleased with as spiders are his favourite thing at the moment.
Here's some ideas of projects that I'd like to do - I shall keep you posted of my progress
  • plant up some herbs (we were given some very garish coloured plastic plant pots and some seeds, so I may as well plant them up for us to use)
  • make a hula hoop
  • learn to juggle (the woodsman is an excellent juggler and I'm sure could teach me no problems)
  • sew something (but what?? to decide - I'm a total beginner)

Let's see how I get on - can I stop procrastinating and actually do some fun stuff?


  1. Yay for doing fun stuff! Herbs are best, even if the containers are garish and making a hula hoops sounds like great fun. As does drawing, but not spiders - ugh!

  2. Ellis has a new pink step, to help him reach the sink to do his teeth, and there's a little spider just by where he puts it away. We do our teeth and then wave goodnight to the spider :)
    We like spiders! We look them up in his favourite nature book too

  3. WE don't like spiders! And btw - if planting up herb seeds please use a bag of potting compost NOT garden soil or they will all die. They need regular watering to get them going then they should be thinned out. Sage is a good one. Germinates fast, has large seeds so no thinning and once germinated, can go on for years.