Saturday, 10 July 2010


E constantly amazes me! He's just about to turn 19 months this coming week, and his talking is really coming on. His words aren't very clear but he's starting to put together more and more two word phrases. This morning I could hear him chattering away in his cot, and then clear as day he said....

'one, two, three, four'!

I had *no* idea he could count! I mean, we do count things in books but not in a hardcore teachy sort of way... they just pick up things like sponges, don't they.

So, I think we might get him this funny, stylish print from sugarfresh just to celebrate his new counting skills!


  1. He's such a clever sausage!

  2. Takes after his............mama!

  3. My girls learnt to count to 3 very quickly... maybe it had something to do with me giving them to the count of 3 to stop doing whatever naughty thing it was they were doing! Lol!
    But you are right they are little sponges!