Monday, 23 August 2010

Baby doll for my boy

I'm looking for a baby doll for E to play with. He's really been enjoying games we play where we comfort someone when they're sad, or pretend to change a nappy on a toy, or we cover up someone in a blanket. He goes to a day nursery 2 days a week and we've been hearing that he's been kissing and cuddling the smallest babies there. He's such a kind boy! I love that this is a really important side of his personality and asked him if he wanted a baby doll, to which he nodded yes, with his most serious face on. So now the hunt is on for the perfect doll. I love Charlie doll (top) with his cool outfits, from BlaBla. This big fuzzy haired doll is super funky and can be bought from Myriad Toys. I think my favourite dolls are by Bamboletta - the one at the bottom is called 'Sadie' - and they do custom dolls too, which is exciting!


  1. The fuzzy-haired doll is scary! Max and I are right! I like the BlaBla and Bamboletta dolls though xx

  2. I like them all and think scary doll is great but my fave would be the top doll with it's take off clothes. Unfortunately, it's what E likes best that will be the best and whatever you buy there is no saying he will like it! Can you take him with you to buy so you will know what he instantly homes in on?

  3. I like them all! Buy one for you, one for the woodsman and one for E and then E can choose which one is his!