Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Lost and found

See this cheeky face?! This little monkey boy lost our car key this morning and mama has spent hours scouring the house. Dada woodsman had to take him off to nursery in the diesel-thirsty truck whilst mama hunted high and low. Then ensued a funny facebook conversation between my friends and I, where we recounted all the crazy places that our little ones had stashed things. My favourite was my friend's son who likes to put toys at the bottom of the milk carton!!
I searched his shape sorter, then down the toilet, down the sofa, in his toy box, in the keyhole at the back of the door.... I was losing hope of ever finding it... Anyway, after finding a cute little plastic pig poking out of our rice sack, I thought I'd try down the side of the fridge - bingo!! Now I can make some celebratory tea and toast and get on with some work - phew!


  1. He's such a cheeky monkey! Can you get a hook to hang the keys on out of his reach? In your new house obviously. New house - eek!! xxx

  2. Go Ellis!House-warming present a key rack??? lol
    I particularly like the plastic pig in the rice sack. I clearly need a plastic pig to complete my life!
    Grandmama xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Kids eh? but he's got such a sweet face, he can get away with it!
    A key rack or one of those clappy beepy keyring might be in order.