Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I love universities a bit too much - I'm fascinated by the sense of tradition mixed with politics and radicalism. I have spent nearly half my adult life in university settings (cripes)... Here are a few great university photos from the wonderful LIFE archives

Australian-born feminist author and journalist Germaine Greer makes her students laugh as she teaches a class on 17th century literature at University of Warwick, England, March 1971.
Photo: Terrence Spencer/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images
Mar 01, 1971

Freshmen John Sease and Beverly Cayford meet on a random couch which is being moved into the dorms at Princeton, New Jersey, 1969. Beverly is one of the first 101 female students to attend Princeton. Photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
Jan 01, 1969

Hippie poet Allen Ginsberg speaking at Kansas Univ.
Photo: John Loengard/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images
Jan 01, 1966

Irish author, scholar, and theologian C.S. Lewis (1898 - 1963) walks past a Magdalen College building at Oxford University, Oxford, England, 1946.
Photo: Hans Wild/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images
Nov 01, 1946

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