Sunday, 26 June 2011

Can a doodle be art?

So I'm - perhaps a little stupidly - about to embark on a 6 week experimental art e-course, having very very little 'artistic' experience and with quite a low sense of my own creativity or ability in the visual arts. The first assignment won't be posted until tomorrow, but I got my sketch book out tonight... and I didn't know what to do with it. Total fear of the blank page....

Then I decided just to start writing and drawing something, with no pressure or sense of having to be 'artistic'. I drew what I felt. A big scared face shouting out 'BLANK PAPER. AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!'. It was the kind of drawing I do all the time. It was a doodle. My friends and I do these doodles at the back of our lecture room during research seminars (they generally are drawings of glasses of wine with 'I neeeeeeed vino!!' underneath or pictures of how we might escape the room, in search of wine). But a doodle is not art, right? Then I thought, well maybe if it is, I could start here. In a place I know very well. With a doodle.

Here are some examples of very cool doodlings that most definitely are art.

Via cariblogger and richworks


  1. Yes I think doodles can definetly be art. It is almost impossible, I find anyway, to reproduce an anything that you doodle, as good as the original doodle.
    Good luck with your course. It would be great to see your progress.

  2. Wow! If those are doodles.......they are fab!Love all of them but the first and last ones less than the others.

  3. Most definitely art!! Hugs Valery Anne.

  4. Thanks Vicky - it's so much fun so far!!

    Yeah I'm in agreement that doodling is art, after my experiments in doodling this week :)

    Nice to see you here Valery Anne!

  5. Hi! Good to meet you! and as you are covering for me can I expect some doodles of this standard through my door please??? Would help me catch up!!

  6. hahaha! shall try my best Karen :D x

  7. wow - super amazing images :) Thanks for kind comments and I love the supportive atmosphere of the experimental art e-course group :) you will be amazing I just know it!