Saturday, 4 September 2010

Our new house!

We're moving! I'm super excited, although there are a zillion things to do before we move in about four weeks. We've amassed so much stuff since we moved in here four years ago.

Our new place is the one on the left. The garden is HUGE with a big veg plot, a greenhouse and three sheds! We've never gardened before so it's a steep learning curve, but my mum has been giving me tips and hints to get us started and is always on the end of the phone. And I can always rely on good old Gardener's World too!! (I'm so middle aged but I love it!)


  1. Last night's edition of GW had loads fo uselful tips for you in your new gardening guise! I reckon it will take you about 3 years to get your garden fully sorted because you cannot hurry nature.
    GAG xxx

  2. It's fabbety fabulous. Can't wait to come and visit!

  3. Wow. looks lovely. I'm sure E will enjoy the big garden almost as much as you.