Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Lovely words

Isn't this a beautiful print by artist Lara Harwood? I love words that make me smile and this print is inspired by the word 'gaudiloquent', which means 'speaking joyfully or on joyful matters'. It makes me feel joyous, just looking at it. It's from a brilliant exhibition called 'The Art of Lost Words' , which showcases design, typography and illustration inspired by forgotten words.

My friend Alison and I used to look up new words in the dictionary when we were at school, and we'd deliberately try to fit them into conversation, or into our homework. My favourite words at the moment are 'thrilling' and 'darling' (as in, 'isn't this a darling teapot?' - more on teapots tomorrow) and I shall try and squeeze them into conversation/writing as much as I can. I think they're ever so 1920's. Lovely words make me happy. What's your favourite word?

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  1. Ha Ha! I've been outed as a wordsmith! My current favourites are super, darling and treasure as in "Jim's such a treasure. I hope he won't mind that I've just bought myself a darling vintage typewriter on eBay"! That's true, by the way. Sshhh!! I love typography too, hence the typewriter purchase, and there's a fab graphic print of the UK and Ireland in type on Bold and Noble. Check it out!