Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Lost my style

Hallo lovelies!!

Yes, I'm sorry, I am a loser when it comes to blogging... but I am here and ready to share some thoughts with you today. It's my favourite time of year, nearly.... Autumn is my favourite season. From those years getting ready for school to start (sharpening pencils and dusting off satchels!) to my amazing days at the University of Leeds (picture above), I've always liked the beginning of the academic year. It has such hope and promise. The weather changes really subtly; a chill in the air begins, you reach for your scarf for the first time and wonder whether it's time to light the fire. The leaves start to turn and then it's just wonderful colour and crisp cold days with blue skies. Love it!

The only problem this year is I have a new companion that I'm not very fond of. She is residing around my middle and is rather tyre-like! When I was breastfeeding, I could eat like a horse and lost far too much weight, having trouble even fitting into a size eight. As soon as I stopped it all piled on, right around my middle. I'm now the heaviest I've ever been, but because I have such a small frame, carrying it round my middle looks very peculiar. I'm like a barrel!! Plus, I have no clothes that fit and most of what I have is scruffy or not suitable for autumn/winter. So, today's task is to go and buy some new clothes. With the help of my lovely friend Amy, who is ten years younger than me and always looks impeccably turned out, hopefully I can find some stylish and attractive clothes to help disguise this belly until such a time when I can lose it. I fear I am descending into a middle-aged mum frump phase and I need to halt this decline post haste.
I can then waft about campus looking all glamorous whilst discussing Derrida and coming home to watch art house movies and read Freud. Hahaha! Yeah right, coming home to read Thomas the Tank Engine books more like...

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