Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Idler

My first article for The Idler is now available! I'm waiting for my copy to plop through the letterbox - v exciting to be in such an illustrious line-up. The Idler has often been accused as being very male-centric, so this article is about women and idling, and aims to redress that balance somewhat

The Idler website says:

The issue explores the idea of small enterprise as an alternative to the nine-to-five, and contains a wealth of practical advice and inspiration for those who yearn to escape the rat race.

Idler 44 also offers an inspiring interview with Bill Drummond, who argues for the importance of taking responsibility for your own life, and just getting out there and doing it, which is, paradoxically enough, fully compatible with the idle ethic. This issue could have been called ‘the industrious idler’.

Other contributors include Toby Young, Robert Wringham, Sarah Boak and Penny Rimbaud. We also reproduce all twelve plates from William Hogarth’s Industry and Idleness series. There are fine illustrations by Clifford Harper, Alice Smith, Bronwen Jones and many more.

Just 1,000 copies are being printed of this first edition, which is bound in blue cloth, printed on heavy paper and typeset by Mr Brett.

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  1. Well done you! I look forward to reading your srticle.